Dohola Sinjar: Y.E.S Education, Needlework and Ante Natal Project funded by the F.C.O.

The Y.E.S Ante-natal team, our nurses and doctors, are providing ante natal monitoring and eduction to the expectant mothers of Sinjar. They are based in the village of Dohola but also conduct outreach to surrounding villages.

Having a mobile medical team enables us to extend our services to Sardashte camp where approximately 3,000 families live in tents scattered over Sinjar mountain. We provide medical consultations, advice and support to those in need in the camps and surrounding areas. This service is vital for the health and wellbeing of future generations and the mothers who have suffered so much tragedy in their lives due to the horrendous genocide against the Yezidi people by Daesh in 2014.

Providing much needed eduction to the children of Dohola is a privilege for our team who know only to well how diffiult it is to access adequate education .

One of the most important things for the Yezidis is to give them a means with which to be able to support their families and to be able to learn new skills. Thanks to this project many women are benefitting and what is very obvious from the work they are creating is that they already have incredible talents, they simply need the chance to show it.

Some of the beautiful needlework being produced:

Thanks to this FCO funded project Y.E.S has been able to buy sewing machines for those who want to learn new skills or to hone the ones they already have.

Providing more advanced lessons in English, Maths and Arabic is vital to the young adults thirsty for knowlege and living miles away from higher education facilities.

Dohola Project Activity Log:

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