Dohola Sinjar: Y.E.S Education, Needlework and Ante Natal Project funded by the F.C.O.

The Y.E.S Ante-natal team, our nurses and doctors, are providing ante natal monitoring and eduction to the expectant mothers of Sinjar. They are based in the village of Dohola but also conduct outreach to surrounding villages. Having a mobile medical team enables us to extend our services to Sardashte camp where approximately 3,000 families live … Read more

Y.E.S Donated An Oxygen Concentrator to Shingal Hospital:

Shingal hospital , isolated in the destroyed city on Sinjar mountain, Northern Iraq is frequently short of medical equipment and supplies. After a plea from a doctor working there who told us that if they need to transport a patient in an emergency there is no portable oxygen.. and so we sourced an Oxygen Concentrator … Read more

Antenatal project proposal

We aim to reduce the mortality and morbidity of pregnant women and newborns, and increase the utilisation of appropriate and positive antenatal practices among survivors of the Yezidi genocide.

Sinjar Antenatal Clinic:

Since we opened on the 15th of April 2018  our antenatal clinic has gone from strength to strength.  We have provided healthcare to over 300 women, not just pregnant mums but all women who seek free medical care from a female doctor or nurse. Such is the good reputation of our medics that women are … Read more

Shingal antenatal and midwife outreach.

For the mothers of Shingal city and surrounding devastated villages and Sinjar area there is no opportunity to access antenatal care . There are no female doctors in Shingal or midwives. Y.E.S will be opening a clinic in the heart of the destroyed city to provide advice, monitoring, medical checks, classes in breastfeeding, hygiene and … Read more

The Yezidis on Sinjar Mountain

The Yezidis who live on Sinjar mountain remain displaced from their homes and live in scattered and inadequate tents, suffering extreme weather conditions and searing, unbearable heat in summer. They’re no longer able to farm their land and live in the villages they once peacefully inhabited, before ISIS destroyed their world. They have no way … Read more

Surgical and Medical Conditions

Nearly every day we are asked to help desperate families who can’t find the money or facilities to cure their medical problems, or who can’t access much-needed surgery, especially for their children. As we have great access to doctors and consultants in Iraq and internationally, we’re able to advise them and search for the appropriate … Read more

The football project

The Yezidi children in Iraq have been trapped in tented camps in Kurdistan and on the harsh mountains of Sinjar since ISIS attacked their towns on 03/08/2014 and massacred their people. Thousands of Yezidis were slaughtered that day and the following weeks, and many more captured and used as slaves by ISIS. This massacre left … Read more

Orphans and children in need

Due to the 2014 massacre or capture of so many Yezidis by ISIS, there are as many as 4,000 orphans who’ve lost one or more parents. Still today there are children returning from captivity to find their parents have been killed. They live in the camps of Kurdistan or Sinjar with any relatives who are willing … Read more

Families in need

Our team isn’t just dedicated to providing emergency relief to cases of extreme poverty. We also do what we can to meet the needs of Yezidis facing a desperate struggle for survival, by contributing to sustainable ways for them to make a living. One of our first projects involved a very large family of 40. … Read more