Surgical and Medical Conditions

Nearly every day we are asked to help desperate families who can’t find the money or facilities to cure their medical problems, or who can’t access much-needed surgery, especially for their children. As we have great access to doctors and consultants in Iraq and internationally, we’re able to advise them and search for the appropriate specialists whenever possible.

We also try very hard to find funding for medicine for those who cannot afford medication for cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, infections, epilepsy and many other chronic conditions we frequently encounter. Funding for medication is so important.

Each one of the photos below belongs to children whom we have encountered and most of whom we’ve helped. Their conditions are not uncommon in this community. There are severe injuries caused by torture by ISIS, birth defects and bone deformities, leptospirosis, tetralogy of fallots, epidermolysis bullosa, scoliosis, and injuries caused by burns or suicide attempts.

We try to focus on the many children who need life-changing surgery, and have managed to liaise with other NGOs and wonderful doctors in Europe and beyond who want to find a way to help. We’ve been able to achieve this for a few children, obtaining humanitarian medical visas to Italy, Germany, Turkey, and hopefully Israel soon.

The rates of cancer in young people in the IDP camps are shockingly high. Often this is due to stress and malnutrition and other unknown factors. We’re often alerted too late to save these cases. It is appalling that they have to suffer with no chance of paying for the help they desperately need. There is so much more we would like to do for them.

We implore doctors and surgeons and hospital management around the world to help these poor children! This CAN be achieved. We have done so. All it takes is willpower and determination! We need orthopaedic and cardiac surgeons to help as a priority!

I’m a nurse from England and I’m ashamed by the lack of will to help these children who have suffered a genocide. I hope any medic reading this will find it in their hearts to look to their countries to ask why? Why will they not facilitate free surgery and short-term visas and free hospital care for children like those in the photos below? We have to do better.

Y.E.S can facilitate this. It is complex of course – passports are difficult to obtain, embassies hard to persuade, but NOTHING is impossible and we have seen the difference it has made to the very lucky few we’ve helped.

Please do not turn a blind eye. If you’d like to help, please message us or donate, and save a life today!

Thank you.

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