Orphans and children in need

Due to the 2014 massacre or capture of so many Yezidis by ISIS, there are as many as 4,000 orphans who’ve lost one or more parents. Still today there are children returning from captivity to find their parents have been killed. They live in the camps of Kurdistan or Sinjar with any relatives who are willing to look after them. Their living conditions are often shocking, with some not even having a sleeping mat, and many many without coats and shoes. The winter is freezing, especially in Sinjar where the tents are frequently covered in snow and the ground surrounding the tents awash with mud.

We are able to buy everything they need in Iraq, which also supports the local economy. For instance, a child’s coat may cost as little as $5.

It is always a very high priority to support as many orphans and children in need as possible, they have exprienced so much heartbreak and destruction in their young lives.

We aim to provide as many children as possible with warm clothes in the harsh winters , with shoes that fit, with at least a toy with which they can call their own and with educational equipment which is vital for their schooling.

Many of our fundraisers are targeted to achieve just this . We can buy any items in Iraq and also  ship items from the UK to Kurdistan collected by kind people in our communities who want to help us help these most vulnerable of children.

We really need your support to do this, with your help we can make all the difference to these young and precious children who have seen such tragedy in their lives.

Thank you for helping them!

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