IN THE PRESS: Life-saver

The following article appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of Manor Magazine. Words by Fiona McGowan and courtesy of Manor Magazine _______ A Botox nurse in Truro and an aid worker in Lesvos, Anna Norona speaks to Fiona McGowan about her fight to raise awareness of the suffering of the Yezidi people. Only a few … Read more

Visit to the Yezidi camp

Anne is currently in Iraq until the 1st of March, meeting Yezidi survivors and helping to provide aid to those in need. Winter in the Yezidi camps is difficult: the tents are leaking water and many do not have proper shoes or warm clothes. Most important is distributing food, medicine and donations around the camp. … Read more

Preparing for the trip to Iraq

I’m very excited to announce I will soon be in Iraq to attend meetings with NGOs, further our projects, and visit as many of the vulnerable Yezidis we support as possible. I’ll be staying for 3 weeks, traveling between camps and Sinjar, where we’re supporting underfunded medical projects in Sinjar and distributing much-needed aid. There is … Read more

Aid Distribution In The Camps

The Y.E.S team are continuously distributing clothes and teddies to the children most in need in the camps of Kurdistan/Iraq. We are collecting in various locations from around the UK in collaboration with other NGO’s and individuals who are so generously helping to provide something to children who most need help We aim to something … Read more