Visit to the Yezidi camp

Anne is currently in Iraq until the 1st of March, meeting Yezidi survivors and helping to provide aid to those in need. Winter in the Yezidi camps is difficult: the tents are leaking water and many do not have proper shoes or warm clothes.

Most important is distributing food, medicine and donations around the camp. The team are meeting survivors recovering from much-needed operations, as well as many who are still in need of medical help that they cannot afford.


Gawre Yezidi survivor

This is Gawre. She helped 35 women and children escape captivity from ISIS, walking all night and hiding by day for three days.
She is the matriarch of a huge family of women and children. Some have escaped and are severely traumatised; many remain in captivity.

A five year old survivor of ISIS, who was taken from his parents at two years old. Thanks to the donations of YES supporters, the team were able to provide clothes and food for him and his sister. Both are incredibly traumatised by their capture.

Anne meeting the younger residents of the Yezidi camp.

A photo of the YES team, taken by a nine year old survivor of ISIS in the camp. He returned from captivity two months ago and now speaks only English; he has forgotten his native Kurmanci. His mother is still being held captive. The team would like to buy him a camera as he is fond of taking picture’s using Anne’s Canon G15.

Other news from the YES team

In other news, Lucy from the YES team has just completed a 72 hour fast to raise awareness about the Yezidi women who have survived ISIS: those who have been rescued and the 3000 women who are still missing. She was able to raise over £500 for the Yezidi people. If you’d like to show your support, it’s not too late to donate; you can do so on our donate page.

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