School Bus For Sinjar

Yezidi Emergency Support (Y.E.S.) Project Proposal Project Name: Support education and encourage participation in school. Context Analysis: The so-called “Islamic State” slaughtered the Yezidis in 2014 on Sinjar, when it was marked by utmost violence including genocidal acts against the Yezidis population. While the plight of Yezidi victims was highlighted last month through the Nobel … Read more

Article by Ewelina Ochab (legal researcher and human rights advocate): Shouldn’t Survivors of Genocide Be Treated Differently?

An article on the Huffington Post from 2017 by legal researcher and human rights advocate Ewelina Ochab highlights the struggles of Yezidis to gain asylum in the UK and the disparities between different ethnic groups. ‘According to the research [by the UNHCR], out of 2,637 Syrians recommended for resettlement to the UK by the … Read more

Antenatal project proposal

We aim to reduce the mortality and morbidity of pregnant women and newborns, and increase the utilisation of appropriate and positive antenatal practices among survivors of the Yezidi genocide.