The Yezidis on Sinjar Mountain

The Yezidis who live on Sinjar mountain remain displaced from their homes and live in scattered and inadequate tents, suffering extreme weather conditions and searing, unbearable heat in summer. They’re no longer able to farm their land and live in the villages they once peacefully inhabited, before ISIS destroyed their world. They have no way … Read more

Surgical and Medical Conditions

Nearly every day we are asked to help desperate families who can’t find the money or facilities to cure their medical problems, or who can’t access much-needed surgery, especially for their children. As we have great access to doctors and consultants in Iraq and internationally, we’re able to advise them and search for the appropriate … Read more

The football project

The Yezidi children in Iraq have been trapped in tented camps in Kurdistan and on the harsh mountains of Sinjar since ISIS attacked their towns on 03/08/2014 and massacred their people. Thousands of Yezidis were slaughtered that day and the following weeks, and many more captured and used as slaves by ISIS. This massacre left … Read more

Families in need

Our team isn’t just dedicated to providing emergency relief to cases of extreme poverty. We also do what we can to meet the needs of Yezidis facing a desperate struggle for survival, by contributing to sustainable ways for them to make a living. One of our first projects involved a very large family of 40. … Read more