Anne on BBC News and Channel 5

After the article written by Christina Lamb in The Sunday Times last week, YES founder Anne Norona was contacted by Channel 5 and the BBC, requesting an interview with her about the plight of the Yezidis and the work Anne has been doing to help.

This kind of exposure is vital in gaining the support that YES needs to continue to provide aid to the Yezidi people, and has already resulted in some donations.

The antenatal clinic and child-friendly space has now opened in Shingal to provide medical care for pregnant women and new mothers, and a safe space for children to learn. The new clinic needs much more funding in order to carry out this important work; you can donate to the clinic here. There are still many Yezidis in desperate need of support: Anne and the team are hopeful that the interviews on the BBC and Channel 5 will result in increased awareness of the Yezidi situation and some much-needed donations for those who urgently need help.

The interview on the BBC was carried out by Victoria Derbyshire and first aired this morning at 9am, and again on BBC Spotlight today at 6:30pm.

The interview with Channel 5 will air this Monday 7th May. You can watch the full interview on the BBC website here.

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